10 million kcal YQW series gas-fired horizontal thermal oil heater project for printing and dyeing i

Project Description

  The thermal oil heater uses oil as heat medium, which has an outstanding heat transfer effect and safety performance. With features of high temperature and low pressure, the thermal oil heater has become a piece of important thermal source equipment of the printing and dyeing industry. Founded in 1994, Jiangsu Hengtong Printing and Dyeing Group Co., Ltd.is mainly engaged in the production and sales of melt-spun FDY polyester filaments. The company is striving to form an industrial layout of high-end polyester yarn products in a short time. Its annual capacity of FDY polyester civilian yarn and industrial yarn has reached 200,000 tons through the utilization of advanced facilities and the application of various mature technologies.

  Jiangsu Hengtong Printing and Dyeing Group Co., Ltd.set high requirement for the automatic operation and safety of the thermal oil heater which had great importance to its production line. After rigorous market research, Hengtongpurchased a set of ZOZEN YQW series gas-fired thermal oil boiler in 2018. Equipped with an advanced burner, this series of boiler can realize fully automatic operation, including automatic combustion, automatic adjustment of the liquid level of the expansion tank, outlet temperature, flow rate and automatic protection. Meanwhile, the PLC control system is easy to operate. Various kinds of settings can be completed through the intelligent man-machine interface. In addition, the boiler had been in stable and high-efficient running since its operation, which was highly praised by Hengtong. This time, with the expansion of the production scale, Hengtong planned to get another thermal oil heater and cooperate with ZOZEN again.

Customer Voice

  We started our first cooperation with ZOZEN in 2018. In order to meet our production requirements, we cooperated with ZOZEN again and purchased ZOZEN thermal oil heater in 2019. We were grateful to ZOZEN for providing us with a reliable and high-efficient heat source which would assist us to have better development in the future.

  —Jiangsu Hengtong Printing and Dyeing Group Co., Ltd.

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