15 tph SZL series chain grate steam boilers for the edible oil industry

Project Description

  Saturated steam is mainly used for heating, refining and disinfecting processes of the vegetable oil production. The vegetable oil industry requires a large amount of steam. With high sanitary requirements, the vegetable oil processing companies set high requirements for the quality of steam. YongYou is a large cereals & oils company integrating grain storage, trading, transit and processing. According to the characteristics of high steam pressure, high quality requirements and large load fluctuations in the vegetable oil production process, YongYou purchased two sets of 15 tph biomass-fired steam boilers to meet the requirements of production. In addition, the flexible load adjustment can improve the use efficiency of steam.

  SZL series of biomass-fired boiler isone of ZOZEN’s patented products.It has the characteristics of wide fuel adaptability, less occupied area, convenient installation and high thermal efficiency. ZOZEN biomass-fired boiler is suitable for a variety of fuels such as biomass pellets, wood blocks, palm shell, rice husks, corncobs and wood waste. In order to improve the overall efficiency of the boilers, ZOZEN rationally designs different feeding systems according to the characteristics of different biomass fuels. By extending the furnace arch, increasing the height of the furnace, adjusting the width and length of grates, etc., ZOZEN has taken the lead in solving the problems commonly occurred in conventional biomass-fired boilers, such as furnace arch burning down, furnace door burnout, backfire in hopper tempering and tube shell coking.

Customer Voice

  We YongYou always had high requirements onquality, therefore, weset high standard for steam saturation and dryness when purchasing boilers. Fortunately, ZOZEN had perfectly met our needs.

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