10 tph SZL series chain grate steam boiler for the textile industry

Project Description

  Generally,the consumption of the steam boiler fuel in the textile industry is relatively large. Therefore, the steam boiler as an important piece of thermal source equipment willeffectively impactthe quality of textiles and the production efficiencyof textile companies. Xindadong Textiles (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd.is committed to the research and development of new type yarns and high-quality denim fabrics, supplying excellent products to the world famous brand, such as VF, Esquel, Youngor, LEE, WRANGLER, C & A, etc. Xindadong Textiles has begun to implement an international expansion strategy since 2013 and established a production base in Vietnam.

  With excellent core technology, outstanding product quality and stable performance, ZOZEN gained the trust of XindadongTextiles, which promoted the cooperation between the two parties. ZOZEN customized the SZL series coal-fired steam boiler system for Xindadong Textiles (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.on the basis ofthe local conditions of Vietnam and the actual needs of users. This series of boiler has features of high efficiency, strong overload capacity and wide adaptability of fuel types. In order to achieve accurate air distribution, ZOZEN optimized the boiler by installing independent wind chambersand air distribution doorsat thebase part. The boiler operator can adjust the air flow from the front to the back of the grate one by one according to different coal types and load conditions to ensure that the boiler combustion is always in a good condition. In addition, equipped with the dustcollectingsystem, the flue gas emissions of the boiler can meet the local emission requirements easily.

Customer Voice

  The whole steam boiler system had high thermal efficiency, which could fully meet the steam demand of our company. It also had excellent performance in terms of safety. In addition to the national standard water level safety settings, ZOZEN also added extremely low water level electrode protections to further ensure the water level safety.

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